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What are Therapeutic Laughter and Laughter Clubs?

Therapeutic Laughter is a systematic, programmable activity, typically in a group; a fusion of laughter, exercise & attitudinal mindfulness to achieve general or targeted goals, e.g. socialization, pleasure, focus, range of motion, communication, balance, flexibility, inclusion, calm, optimism, team-building,


A typical session has a beginning, middle, and end.


General Goals:

To increase awareness about attitudes and feelings towards laughter

To increase knowledge about the benefits of laughter

To provide an opportunity for individuals to laugh

To promote more laughter in everyday life

To provide respite from daily stress and worries

To teach how laughter can be an effective mood regulator

To encourage healthy choices

To encourage laughter, humor and mirth as self-care strategies


Populations that benefit from Therapeutic Laughter:

  • Elementary and High Schools
  • Bank employees, hospital staff, accountants, lawyers
  • Nursing homes, adult day care, retirement communities, assisted living, residents who show cognitive impairment, mobility challenges
  • Health Support Communities (heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, lupus, etc.)
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  • YMCA
  • Military, Family Readiness and Family Support
  • Early Childhood professionals
  • CEU’s are awarded to nurses and activity therapists
  • People with sensory impairments (e.g. vision, hearing)


Laughter Clubs and Sessions inspire hope and provide both the tools and the environment in which hope can blossom! Preliminary research shows that hope (expecting something good to happen) is healthful. Among the predictors of suicide, hopelessness is a more important factor than sadness. Desperation is far more dangerous state of mind than depression, and more difficult to treat.  The old saying, “Where there is life, there is hope” might be better stated, “Where there is hope there is life”.


World Laughter Tour was created in 1998 by American Psychologist and self-proclaimed “Cheerman of the Bored”, Steve Wilson, Columbus, Ohio.  Wilson has been studying the positive effects of humor, mirth and laughter since 1984. Borrowing from ancient practices and modern science, he created WLT, which developed laughter therapy. There are now approximately 5000 Certified Laughter Leaders, like Robin Salyer Fleischer, who have completed college-approved continuing education training to show people across the country how to laugh their way to happiness and health!

Robin Salyer Fleischer, MS.Ed.


Certified Laughter Leader-E

**To schedule a speaking engagement, workshop, or for interest, please contact Robin at:

710 East Main Street | Suite 130 Lexington, KY 40502: Phone: 859.321.0457 Fax: 859.296.0330





“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” ~ e e cummings




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