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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the credentials of your staff?

Our master career counselors have the highest credentials  in the career development field. We are credentialed by the  National Career Development Association as Master Career Counselors (MCC) and by the National Board for Certified Counselors as Nationally Certified Career Counselors (NCCC).   According to the most recent statistics from the NBCC, there are 690 nationally certified career counselors nationwide.

As a national credential offered by CCE, the Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC) represents to employers and the public that credential holders have met the established requirements and adhere to the NBCC Code of Ethics and the Ethical Requirements for The Practice of Internet Counseling.

What is Distance Counseling?

A Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC) will be nationally recognized as a professional with training in best practices in Distance Counseling. Distance Counseling is a counseling approach that takes the best practices of traditional counseling as well as some of its own unique advantages and adapts them for delivery to clients via electronic means in order to maximize the use of technology-assisted counseling techniques. The technology-assisted methods may include telecounseling (telephone), secure email communication, chat, videoconferencing or computerized stand-alone software programs.

How is Distance Counseling different than face to face counseling?

There are many differences. Distance Counseling may be more convenient for clients. While telecounseling takes place in real time and does depend on “making an appointment”, traveling and related formalities do not present obstacles. Asynchronous counseling communications via secure email adds even greater flexibility. On the other hand, telecounseling and various forms of email or synchronous chat techniques demand special counseling and communication skills from the counselor, and in certain ways, from the client as well. In its own way, Distance Counseling may also present its own special advantages beyond the replication of best practices from face-to-face counseling. For example, some clients prefer the anonymity of a Distance Counseling relationship and are more free to open up and self-disclose than they would be in a traditional counseling setting. We are also finding that the power of the written word in Distance Counseling provides a profound impact on both the counselor and the client

If I decide to call and schedule my first appointment, what can I expect?

When calling our office, a career counselor will schedule  you at a time most convenient for your schedule. The first  session is called an “intake”. You will be sent an individual career profile (ICP) to complete and bring  with you to the first appointment. The ICP gives your career counselor a complete picture of your education, work, leisure and family roles.

In the intake session you will go over the ICP along with additional questions to answer from your career counselor. At the end of the session you will set goals of what you want to achieve and each session is tailored to meet those goals.  Sometimes, clients will then take an assessment home, complete and return it.

How long do the sessions last?

Each session is 60 minutes in length.

How many sessions will I need?

Every client is different and no career counseling experience is the same. On average we see clients between 8 to 12 times for the complete battery of career assessments. However, we also see clients who take assessments once every 3 or 4 months and see us when they are ready to process the information they’re learning about themselves and the world of work.

Will my career counselor tell me what to do?

Our master career counselors are facilitators of the career process with you, not advice givers. On the contrary! We encourage our clients to be very intentional about discovering information about the world of work and themselves while developing a plan to make their dream or goal a reality. In processing the information we may suggest a particular occupation or field for you to seriously consider based on the data but we do not tell our clients what to do.

Do you provide headhunting services?

We are master career counselors that focus on a developmental approach to career choice and satisfaction. We are not headhunter or a placement agency. We do try to connect our clients to important community resources and contacts that may be of assistance while in the process of career counseling.

Is everything confidential?

Absolutely! We adhere to the National Board for Certified Counselors and the National Career Development Association’s code of ethics including confidentiality. Here is the link  to our code of ethics:


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